Phone: (443) 391-7118

Fax: (240) 293-1266

Office of Volunteer Ministries

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist

9705 Patuxent Woods Dr.

Columbia, MD 21046

Please Note: The above is our contact information as of Sept. 18, 2017. During our transition week of Sept. 13-18, please email Ernest Hernandez for urgent needs.

Benjamin Speegle

Long-Term Volunteer Processing Assistant

(443) 391-7118

Ben works with new volunteer applicants until final screening. He also works with volunteer service requests for NAD organizations.

Andrea Keele

Long-Term Volunteer Processing Assistant

(443) 391-7115

Andrea works with volunteers from final screening through their return from service. 

Ernest Hernandez

Long Term Volunteer Processing and Communications Coordinator

(443) 391-7116

Ernest oversees the long-term volunteer process and facilitates communication when issues arise in the field.

Elden Ramirez

Executive Director

Pastor Elden has led our OVM team and helped network and promote volunteer ministries from and within the North American Division since 2013. He recently accepted a call to serve as the President of Montana Conference, starting October 1, 2017. We will miss Elden's leadership, and pray for his continued ministry.