Volunteer Coordinators

AVS Login

When you log in as a coordinator on the Adventist Volunteer Service website, you have access to assist your student missionaries and approve or inactivate their applications. If you need Coordinator access, please contact Andrea Keele.


The Basics

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Here are the basic steps you will need help guide your long-term student missionaries (SMs) through:

1. SM chooses a call (this can be ongoing in the process)

2. SM completes online application

3. SM completes background check (coming soon)

4. SM completes forms

5. Screening SM

6. SM completes missions preparation training

7. Coordinator approves SM

8. Approval process - check your email

9. Fundraising, visa, ticket, insurance

10. Support SM in preparations

11. Support  Returned SMs

For more detailed information, download this PowerPoint presentation: 

BASIC OVERVIEW: Processing & Supporting Student Missionaries (PowerPoint)

Also, a Volunteer Coordinator's Manual will be given to coordinators hopefully in November 2016.

Forms & Checklists


This checklist can be helpful to make sure each volunteer has completed the application process. You may have other steps to add for your program, but this covers the AVS requirements. It also includes some tips and explanations about each form (on the second page).


These are the basic forms needed to apply. 

*Only needed in rare cases when mission site does not cover the cost of insurance.

**This can be completed electronically from the online application as well.

If you have a married couple serving, and only one will be volunteering, then the other one is considered a "dependent spouse" and will need to complete the Spouse Forms.



Your student missionaries will be covered by Accident and Sickness insurance for volunteers by Adventist Risk Management. Usually the calling organization (mission site) takes care of this cost, but a few places ask the volunteer to cover this cost. Because ARM will not bill individuals for ASV insurance, the bill goes to the university program. We will always ask for confirmation for our records that your program is willing to accept the bill for the SM.

For claim forms and information on what to do if your volunteer needs medical help or has a travel emergency, please see the Medical Emergency page.