apply through office of volunteer ministries

If you do not attend an Adventist university, you are welcome to apply directly through our office. We will guide you through the application and approval process as it is outlined below.

If you DO attend an Adventist university, you will find the process outlined on this page:

Apply through an Adventist University


The main qualifications to serve as a volunteer through Adventist Volunteer Service include:

  • Being between the ages of 18 and 79.
  • Being a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good standing.
  • Being financially able to serve without compensation other than a small living allowance.

Other important things to consider in your decision are included in the Qualifications section of the AVS website.

volunteer opportunities


At any time during the application process you can search for volunteer opportunities, or "calls," on the Adventist Volunteer Service website. Keep track of the call ID numbers of calls you are interested in so you can add them to your call list in your application.

submit online application


  • To start an online application, you will first need to create an account and log in to the Adventist Volunteer Service website. 
  • Please list "Office of Volunteer Ministries" as your Sending Organization.
  • If you have questions while completing your online application, you may contact Benjamin Speegle

Background check (New!)

Long-term volunteers processed through our office are now asked to complete a background check and child protection training through Verified Volunteers. This video gives step-by-step instructions for the process. You can also find the steps outlined, as well as other information on the Verified Volunteers page of our website.

NOTE: When you get to the page with volunteer roles, please choose "AVS Volunteer."

passport to missions


A missions orientation training based on the book Passport to Missions is required for all AVS long-term volunteers. If you have not taken this training before, you will need to enroll in the free online Passport to Missions course. You will find information on how to enroll on the homepage of your online application. Once enrolled, you may complete the course at your own pace until the last date of the cohort. This step needs to be complete before we can approve your application.

screening & approvals

Once your application, paperwork, and training are complete, we will review your application and follow up with you about any missing information or concerns we may have. After any issues have been resolved, we will vote to approve you as an NAD volunteer at our weekly Appointees Committee. You will receive a notification email that you have been approved. If your application is denied, you will be contacted by our office.

application sent

Next, your application will be sent to your first choice call. The mission organization has about two weeks to consider your application, although sometimes they take more or less time. You are welcome to contact them during this time to ask any questions you may have about the position. Once the organization has made a decision, they will accept or deny your application on the AVS database. If denied, you will be notified, and your application will be sent to your next choice.

final approval

After you are accepted by a mission organization, there is one more final assignment vote. After the vote, you will be notified by email and sent a travel packet by mail or email, which includes an official welcome letter, along with basic travel and insurance information.

Travel arrangements

& Insurance

If you are serving internationally, you are responsible for working with your mission organization regarding your travel arrangements. These include:

  • Passport (you can do this before applying)
  • Visa
  • Airline Ticket

Please send your flight itinerary to as soon as possible so your insurance can be arranged. 


Volunteers serving outside of the U.S. are covered by Adventist Risk Management's Accident and Illness for Volunteers (ASV) plan. For more information, see the Medical Emergencies page.


Volunteers serving within the U.S. are provided with Adventist Risk Management's Task Force insurance by your calling organization. More information on Task Force insurance coverage can be found on Adventist Risk Management's Travel Hub site.

Other INformation

Visual Chart of OVM Application Process

Financial Responsibilities

Financial responsibility varies depending on the call, and you can check the Service Request to find out what is expected. Most calling organizations cover the cost for the volunteer's insurance and a small living allowance, while travel to the location is usually the volunteer's responsibility.

Serving Again

If you have applied or served through AVS in the last two years and there have been no changes to your health, you will only need to submit the following for your reapplication:

  • Online application
  • 1 new reference
  • Updated resume (optional, but helpful)

Inactive Applications

Unsubmitted or incomplete applications with no updates or communication may be "inactivated" three months after it was started or submitted. To reactivate your application, contact Benjamin Speegle.

Married Couples

  • Married couples need to have been married for at least one year prior to serving. If a couple would like to request an exception, more screening steps will apply.
  • If a married volunteer is serving without their spouse, they are limited to three months of service, per Church policy.
  • If a volunteer's spouse accompanies them as a "dependent spouse" (he or she is not a voted volunteer), the following forms need to be completed by the spouse and included with the volunteer's forms: